Rocky Buttes Movie Ranch is comprised of two film locations located 75 minutes from Los Angeles, in Lancaster, CA.

Our 25-acre property is a desertscape that abounds with Joshua trees and features amazing rock formations. Our main areas to shoot include:

  • Americana-style Mojave desert roads

  • A hunting cabin from the 1940's surrounded by Joshua trees

  • A rocky butte/rock formation area

We are next to a main road, 150th St E, which makes for easy access to the property. Electricity is available in the cabin area. The property has 20,000 sq ft. of parking space.

Our 10-acre property is a flat desertscape that features mountains and expansive rock formations in the background. There is about 600 ft of dirt road going through the property. It is easily accessible from M-8 and parking is 600 ft down the road.  

We are 4 miles away from the nearest gas station and shops.

We support efforts to prevent illegal trash dumping in Lake Los Angeles: